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August 23rd, 2009 by Hikage

Ok, new photos uploaded to Flickr.

Ok, so I went out and worked with Eddie yesterday. I tied him up to the post in the pasture and he decided to paw … an ant bed… then couldn’t understand what was going on. Had to take him up to the wash rack and hose his legs down. Then I took him up to the round pen and let him loose. Ran back to the barn and got my truck, drove it up to the ring. Then I got the lunge whip and went and lunged him for a bit. Then took him to the ring and tied him up. Got the saddle out of the truck and saddled him up. Rode for about 10…15 minutes? My leg started hurting, otherwise I would have ridden longer.

Today my mom and I went back out to the barn with the intent of working on trailer loading. To our suprise… lots of people were at the barn, many people in the ring. Talked to Carol and apparently there was a photo shoot going on. So we drove down to the barn and I brushed Eddie really quickly and took him up there, getting to participate in the photo shoot. I’m hoping to get a copy of some of the photos. After that, I took him to the round pen and lunged him some. Then had mom come in and hold him while I got up on his back without a saddle. He was very well behaved. We then took him to the trailer and attempted to get him on. Honestly there was too much activity going on to get him on really.

So we’re going to have to work with Eddie more on loading. But now I’m just tired and need to rest.

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