Fallen down on the job!

August 23rd, 2009 by Hikage

Yes, I’ve fallen down on the job again. Let me see if I can’t catch everything up on Eddie.

Eddie went to the Trainer in the beginning of May. Getting him there was a bit of an ordeal…well, getting him on the trailer was at least. It rained a good bit in May, so Tom (the trainer) wasn’t able to work with him much that month. However, Tom said he was going to make sure he got a full 30 days worth of work in on Eddie. He ended up keeping Eddie into the first week of July (but that was partially because my family and I went on a vacation). We went out the first weekend in July to see Ed. I got to watch Tom work with him, and I even got to ride him.

The feed Tom had Eddie on (and he’s still on it) is Purina’s Strategy. He also put Eddie on Purina’s Amplify Supplement. Ed has just blossmed with this feeding program, along with the good exercise Tom was giving him.

Granted, since Eddie’s come home, I’ve only been able to ride him a handful of times. But he still looks great. So much better than the near-dead horse he was back in December. I’m really thrilled with the outcome.

I sold Ed’s mother to Tom. In exchange, Eddie will be getting more training in the (hopefully) near future. Tom would like to see Eddie’s knees mature a bit more though before he puts too much more work on him. We don’t want bad knees, so that isn’t a problem for me.

Now I need to go upload newer pictures of Eddie to flickr. But at least I have some updates done. I’m going to try to update more often… here’s hoping at least!

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