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January 25th, 2008 by Hikage

Today was a good day working Eddie. He’s getting a bit more “mouthy” when I groom him, but we believe it is because the other gelding that goes out with him has taught him to nip and bite. Despite the attempts at nipping, he did fairly well for his 15 minutes of currying.

When I lunged him today in the round pen, I used a lunge line on him. Today was the first day in a very long time where I’ve used a lunge line on him. It helped a great deal in my ability to communicate to him what I was wanting him to do. Additionally he also was much more consistent in his pace. We also took a pommel bag and added 4 lbs of weights to it (2 lbs on each side) and placed it over the horn of the saddle. This was to get him used to a little more weight on his back while he’s working. He bucked it off twice, but eventually got used to it flopping around up there. Over time, he smoothed out hisĀ  strides and I think he found out that the smoother he trotted or loped, the less the bags bounced on his back. He’s a smart horse!

After the lunging, dad came in and held the line while I mounted him. This is the first day I’ve ever sat on his back! And guess what… he didn’t mind!! He was too busy looking at the donkey next door that was braying, then over at the mare in the pen next to where we were working. I finally told dad to lead him/let him walk over to the edge of the round pen where he could look at the mare better. He walked over there fine! Like he didn’t even remember that I was on his back! Yes, I know in a way its bad that he wasn’t paying attention to me, but the fact that he didn’t mind me sitting there on his back … (all 180 lbs of me)… was amazing! I’m so proud of him. At this rate he should be MORE than ready to go to the trainer in the fall. I’m so excited!

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