Watch out for falling rocks

October 13th, 2007 by Hikage

Today we clipped Eddie, and he was such a good boy about it too! He was resting his head on dad’s chest while dad was holding him for me. Other than trying to eat the clippers that were tickling his lip, he did extremely well. On the way to take him back to his though we had a small mishap. The entrance to Eddie’s pin is at the bottom of a slope. Dad went ahead of me to unlock the gate while I led Eddie down the slope. Suddenly the rocks slipped out from under my left foot and I fell. I managed to catch myself on my left hand and supported my weight on my right leg. Apparently mid-fall I threw my right arm back to signal Eddie to stop, or he pulled back at that time… or both (we aren’t quite sure it happened so fast). However, when I fell, he immediately locked his legs and stood still. He didn’t move till I was standing again (at which point he reached over and grabbed a branch to get some leaves). I was extremely proud of him for standing still. Some horses I know would take the advantage and walk all over you!

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